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Course Description

TAICHI BASICS is our entry level taichi course. It is Part One of a three part series that makes up our complete taichi training program. Below you will find a description of the course curriculum. The purpose of TAICHI BASICS is to make your body strong and healthy, to establish a solid foundation with the taichi basics exercises, and to prepare you for your next step which is learning the taichi solo form.


Make your body strong and healthy with our six part taichi basic training program. You will learn:

  • HOW TO STAND - Learn how to align your body with gravity to relax and conserve energy - the key to all taichi postures and movements

  • HOW TO BREATHE - Taichi's specific method of breathing to energize your whole body for vibrant health and well being

  • HOW TO LOOSEN UP - A series of 12 gentle joint rotation exercise (aka "The Daily Dozen") to loosen up muscles and joints, increase circulation, heal and prevent joint pain and injuries, and reverse the effects of "normal" aging

  • HOW TO SILK REEL - Silk Reeling is taichi's continually spiralling/coiling whole body movements. Silk reeling strengthens and tones muscles, tendons, and ligaments, cultivates powerful qi (vital energy) circulation, improves cardiovascular and lymphatic function, and heals and prevents soft tissue injuries - the healthiest and most intelligent way to exercise your whole body

  • HOW TO STRETCH YOUR BACK - A simple spinal stretch performed while standing to increase spinal mobility and correct alignment of spinal vertebrae - the BEST EXERCISE to heal and prevent your back pain and restore youthful spinal pliability for life

  • HOW TO STAND QUIETLY - A simple method of standing to cultivate stillness and total relaxation of your body and mind - sometimes referred to as Standing Meditation